Do braids and flower crowns always beat pony hairstyles effortless? No way!! Ponytails can be as awesome as the other two hairstyles, but the styling of pony styles is much easier when compared with the others. So, it is time to embrace ponytails rather than your braids or flower crowns.

According to Stella McCartney, it is all about the simple, low ponytail, proven by the chic ponytails showed at Monday’s Stella McCartney 2016 resort collection presentation in New York City. Those ponytails, created by Aveda guest artist Frank Rizzieri on models like Irina Kravchenko and Mijo Mihaljcic, deeply impress us with their easy-going, relaxed look. To perfectly match the designer’s signature garden-party theme, Rizzieri paired the low ponytails with a slightly tousled side part giving hair the perfect lived-in vibe. The content below displays how the artist did the styles.

First, he started with applying Aveda’s Thickening Tonic for more lightweight bulk to hair strands. By using this hair product, he can create each ponytail going along with a thick, full look. During the applying, he used the tonic on towel-dried hair and comb through to distribute it evenly to the hair, from roots to ends. “As you spray and layer it in you can immediately feel it expand each strand. I t just came out and already it is one of my kit essentials,” says Rizzieri.

Next, after the prepped hair was blow-dried with a round brush and a side part was created, he gathered the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and secured with an elastic. Then, a flexible hold hairspray, such as Aveda Air Control was sprayed to the hair. To keep the ponytail smooth, he run a flatiron over the hair. Done.

How do you think of these ponytails? Would you like to go for them? For those who only have a short or thin pony, but want long or full one, they can turn to ponytail hair extensions to do a favor.

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