Men’s Most Popular Hairstyles? Five For Reference

There is no reason to deny that first impression speaks a lot for yourself, no matter it is right or wrong. Speaking of first impression, many of us agree on the importance of hairstyles for making a good impression. Generally speaking, a decent hairdo tends to better show your personality. Therefore, here comes the question that, which hairdo is on trend? The article will list five most popular hairstyles for men for your reference.

  • Pompadour

Being one of the most popular hairstyles for men, this hairdo is all the rage among many male celebrities, like David Beckham. Actually, the sexy ‘do has been on trend for a long time, since Elvis Presley rocked it. A classic pompadour is styled with short sides, with hair swept upwards and backwards. For those who have longer faces, the ‘do will meet their requirement for opting for a stunning and cool hairdo. Now, the extreme pompadour comes with very short side and back hair.

  • Undercut

The undercut comes with short side and long top, and becomes one of the most popular hairstyles for men. The style is versatile, being suitable for straight, curly, kinky or wavy hair texture. With a little variation or simplicity, the hairstyle can be created into Disconnected or Faded, Disconnected in case of much shorter sides than the top, Faded in case of sides blending into the longer top.

  • Side Part

If you are looking for classic but still popular hairdo, the side part is right for you, because it is one of the classic hairdos which has been popular for years. No matter for casual or formal occasions, this style works well. In this ‘do, the hair at the back and the sides should be styled shorter than the top, but in a less trendy way, making it more professional than trendy.

  • Fade

Fade haircut comes with gradual transition from shorter to longer hair, short in the back and the sides, and long on the top. If you have fade cut, it means that your hair in the back and the sides are cut in short and then long gradually till reaching the crown.

  • Man Bun

The hairstyle has been receiving more and more popularity for these several years, especially among youngsters. In the man bun, the front hair is pulled back to be tied into a knot at the crown area. Being a versatile haircut, it suits for almost everyone, in spite of his face shape or hair texture. To create this ‘do, of course you can not have too short hair.

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