Long Bob – The Most Popular Haircut In 2015

It is obvious that long bob, abbreviated as lob, can be seen here and there in 2015. Why the haircut is all the rage? The reason for its popularity lies in its being simple, versatile, and of course, pretty. You can rock it into a variety of textures, sleek, curly, wavy, messy, etc. Because of its length, it can be styled into a ponytail or bun, and the styling only takes a few minutes. Unlike short bob, this hairdo needs no monthly shaping maintenance.

If you would like to make a change to your waist-length hair, but are afraid of the possible ugliness brought by short hair, this hairdo is suitable for you. For your reference, here are some of the most inspiring lob haircuts rocked by several celebrities. Check and select your favorite one.

It can not be denied that Jessica Simpson looks pretty with her long bob, even though she is a freshman to the ‘do. Her blonde locks just pasts her shoulder, and it is styled straight, shiny. The whole style looks so good with a deep side part. For Jessica Simpson, who has been wearing super long tresses for years, this blonde lob is surely stunning and helps freshen herself up.

Kerry Washington’s brunette ombre lob looks so stylish and eye-catching. It is easy to recreate the style. Just add some textures when creating it, and spritz with a little hairspray to make it shiny. It is fine to have a little messy ends, as a little messy makes the ‘do more stunning.

The wavy lob with deep side part makes Kristen Bell more charming. You can create the waves simply by using a flat irons and add a little shine with some hairspray. It is a hairdo requiring low maintenance.

Taylor Swift looks stunning almost in every hairstyle, and there is no exception for this sleek lob. Her hair was styled into an angled lob, which helps show off her graceful long neck. With side-swept bangs, the glossy blonde lob gets polished instantly.

For Jennifer Aniston, long bob is surely her favorite. With a little texture and the hair side-parted, the hairstyle looks beautiful, and is suitable for Jennifer Aniston a lot.

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