Kim Kardashian Ditches Platinum Locks For Iconic Black – See The Pics

No more blonde hair! Kim Kardashian dyed her signature black back. Her bold platinum blondes, which was first showed off in Paris Fashion Week, gave rise to a frenzy, as well as controversial topic towards her hair. But now, the blonde is gone. She debuted her freshly styled black hairdo on March 26 in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Kim Kardashian hit the fantastic blonde hair on March 5, and her platinum turned into a hot topic since then, both positive and negative being around her hair. About half a month later, she dyed her hair black. Have you surprised by this?

Kim Kardashian’s Black Hair Was Back–Colored After Blonde Locks

The Keep Up With Kardashian star rocked her brand new black ‘do while going out with her daughter North West in Woodland Hills, Calif. Once again, her stunned us, using her all-combed-back sleek black hairdo.

However, most of us found no surprise, even though her hairdo looked very stunning. For years, Kim has been rocking signature dark brown/black hair, no matter which hairstyle she opted for. Besides, her blonde locks was dissed by several celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston, and Kylie Jenner. What’s more, after her showing off platinum blonde hairdo, it was rumored that the 34-year-old star went blonde to steal attention from Kendall during Paris Fashion Week.

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