Easter Hairstyle for Your Girl and Women

9th April 2023, Easter Sunday is this weekend! Are you ready to celebrate it with your familiars and friends? Easter, also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a religious holiday and festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, celebrated by Christians, but non-religious people often mark the day, too. Religiously, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Non-religious celebrations include things like brunches, family get-togethers, and activities like painting eggs. Regardless of your reasons for celebrating Easter, there are many things you can do to commemorate the day. Clothes, although important, are not the only main factors in completing an outfit. Easter is almost here, along with accessories comes your hair and if you’re still wondering what look for your kids and yourself? Or need a little inspiration for this weekend? Check out below easy-to-do hairstyle ideas to have fun with your Easter!

You can making Easter fun for your kids with lots of things, such as painting eggs with your kids, play a hunt game with your kids by using the painted eggs, treats and hide them throughout your home, make some rabbit-themed baked foods and more. You can also make a cute Easter hairstyles for your girls. You can always use hair accessories for them, a ponytail or curly hair usually suit the little faces of the pretty angels. Have a look at these cute Easter hairstyle looks for your little girls.

Easter Hairstyle for Your Little Girl

Eggstra Style for GirlsEggstra Style for Girls

Eggstra Style for Girls

Start off by parting the hair down the middle, part as you like. Secure each side with an elastic to have two piggies. Choose your colors of eggs that you will be using before hand and try to have the same colors of elastics. If you don’t have coordinating elastics you can use clear ones. Fit the colorful eggs on each side based on the length of your sweet heart’s hair length. Usually fit 2 to 3 each side. Begin with one side and then just repeat the steps on the second side once the first is finished. Separate the ponytail into 5 equal sections and tie an elastic around each section – about 1/2 inch below the original elastic.

Using the netting effect, add five more elastic another 1/2 inch down. Once all 10 colored elastic are in, you can slide the egg into place. Gather all the hair together under the egg and secure it with another elastic. Then repeat the steps with the elastics, place your egg and secure it again by gathering all the hair under the egg and tying in an elastic till all the eggs are finished. Your girl will definitely love this hairstyle even wear it to school. The netted ponytail still works good after the eggs are removed.

Funny Bunny Easter Hairdo Funny Bunny Easter Hairdo

Funny Bunny Easter Hairdo

Started with a simple ballet bun and a short list of supplies. Simply put your girls’ hair in a ponytail, then wrapped the remaining hair around the elastic, twisting as I went and securing it with bobby pins around the base.

List of Supplies You Need


Large googly eyes

White pipe cleaners

Pink + White felt

Bobby Pins

Hot glue gun

Steps to make the bunny pieces:

1. For the bunny’s nose, cut a small circle out of pink felt.

2. Slipped the pink felt circle inside a bobby pin.

3. Using a hot glue we glued the pompom to the felt.

4. For the bunny’s ears, cut out two pieces of white felt in the shape pictured above. And cut one piece of pink felt the same shape, but slightly smaller, to fit inside the white pieces.

5. Then bent a white pipe cleaner in the shape of the ears. With the ends sticking out the bottom slightly, place the pipe cleaner between the two layers of white felt and glued in place. The pipe cleaner is what will help the ears keep their shape and allows you to push the ears down into the hair bun.

6. Then glue two large eyes with the card stock and a black sharpie to two bobby pins for the bunny’s eyes. You can also use extra large googly eyes for this.

7. Cut 3 white pipe cleaners into 3 equal parts for the bunny’s whiskers.

After all the pieces for the bunny are ready to put them in the hair. With the bun already securely in place, begin with the bunny’s ears. Slipped them in the top of the bun. The ears may need to be secured in place with bobby pins.

Next, placed the bunny’s eyes into the top of bun, just in front of the ears. Then add the bunny’s nose to the center of the bun. Adding the bunny’s whiskers sticking out either side of the bun. Then you got it! Have fun with your girl!

Easter Hairstyle for Yourself

1. The Chic Side Braid:The Chic Side Braid

The Chic Side Braid

This thick side braid can be worn by a bride or on the Easter weekend, it’s one to definitely try out! This tutorial is simple to follow

Hot Tip: If your hair isn’t thick enough to wear a braid like this, use the Ponytail Extensions before you braid to add volume and keep your braid from slipping out! You might as well show off some statement earrings too.

2. Twist Braid UpdoTwist Braid Updo

Twist Braid Updo

You’ve come a long way since those two braids that framed your face. Give your tresses an upgrade with this hairstyle, which can be achieved in minutes and looks super chic. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Make a side part on whatever side you feel most comfortable.

Step 2: Grab the side that has more hair depending on where you made the part, and begin making a twist, starting from the top and working your way back.

Step 3: Repeat the same process on the other side until the two pieces of hair meet

Step 4: Take a piece of hair from the first side you twisted, and wrap it around as if you’re trying to make a ponytail.

Step 5: Secure the ponytail with a pin

Step 6: Roll up the bottom of your hair by wrapping it around your hand, then pin it to the back of your head.

Step 7: Pin up any loose ends if necessary

What are your choice for the Easter? Let us know in the comments below. The key is spend more time with your families at the Easter holiday. Happy Easter!

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