Dramatic Hair Color Change In Celebrities

It is not a surprise when celebrities have their hairdos changed dramatically. Most of the time they can rocked their hair perfectly, meaning that we face millions of chances to admiring their charm and beauty. See how fantastic they are in their brand new hair makeovers.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff, 27-year-old, switched her iconic blonde hair, which she had been rocking for years, up to a mermaid hue in March 2015. Umm, such an amazing new hair shade, agree? She posted a picture of her new hue on Instagram, captioning: “@Ambahhh turned me into a mermaid last night.”

Kim Kardashian

Wow, surprising or shocking? Anyway, exactly what Kim Kardashian would do, right? She never dares to wear bold hair color. The Keep Up With The Kardaashian star showed off a head of platinum blonde in Paris Fashion Week 2015. Her new hair shade had been a hot topic during that period, giving rise to tons of bot compliments and hisses.

Vanessa Hudgens

The HSM star seldom rocks bold hair shade, but the exception approves that she tends to suit all hair color perfectly. Inspired by the hair trend of the fall 2014, Hudgens ditched her bright, blonde ombre hair for scarlet. “The bright, blonde omber [she had before] was definitely a more extreme dye job and a big statement. This new red tone still stays in line with her coolness–her edginess. And it is a good choice with her dark hair,” said Kari Hill, a L’Oreal Paris Consulting Celebrity colorist.

Emma Roberts

“Emma’s tried everything, from brown to blonde, and red to blonde. She’s even experimented from ombre brunette to a full-on blonde,” said Hill. Obviously, after comparing with her ever-changing hair shades, her natural hue complements her skin tone better.

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